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I am a member of the International Storytelling Network (RIC) - 'Merlynda The Monster Poet' - aka - 'Barley The Poet - based in West Sussex, England - and I shall be performing A Live Recitation on 26th June in conjunction with the excellent "Stories to Change the World" initiative - details as follows below for your blog. 

I have also Attached Herewith my Publicity Photograph for your blog. 

Thank You -

Sending All Best Wishes - And Wish Me Luck!

Merlynda The Monster Poet
aka Barley The Poet
Merlynda LK Robinson (LLAM)

A Live Recitation of
Comical & Philosophical
Adult Fairytales-In-Verse and Verse-Fables
Written and Performed by
'Merlynda The Monster Poet'
Date:   Wednesday 26th June 2013
Time:  11.00am to 12.00pm
Venue: The Poetry Box Studio Garden, The Poetry Box Studio, 'Ramshackles'
in Nyewood near Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 5JA -  England
Performed In Conjunction with and To Celebrate:
The International Storytelling Network (RIC) - 'Stories To Change The World' Initiative
Admission: £3.00
(The Programme Is Suitable for Adults and Older Teens Only)

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