GERMANY. Gidon Horowitz

Thank you very much for the invitation to join in participating in "Stories to change the world".

I would like to, but unfortunately, I have no possibility to do so this year. But I will keep the date in mind for next year.

Meanwhile I would like to draw your attention on the "opposite" date 21. December - in the northern hemisphere the longest night of the year.

Reza Maschajechi, a storyteller born in Iran who lives in Germany since many years, told me of the old persian tradition to tell stories on that evening to keep away evil spirits hovering around in the darkness. I took up the idea and began to tell stories on that evening - stories to bring light into the world.

So maybe this could also be a good occasion to tell stories worldwide - stories to bring light in different ways, healing, consciousness, wisdom, laughter....

Best wishes for a good summer!

Gidon Horowitz
D-79252 Stegen

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