The best I can do is this: I am flying to London, England from my home near Denver, Colorado, USA, leaving on June 20... and I will arrive in London the morning of June 21. 

Then I will take a coach to Oxford, England where my storytelling friend Tony will meet me - neither of us has a public performance that day, but we two international storytelling friends will share stories with each other, as we meet together in our own small way to help change the world through storytelling!  :-) 

(The following week I will be storytelling several times in Wales...but no public performances on June 21...

But on June 21 I will celebrate international storytelling in my own way by traveling across the ocean and celebrating with my friend the beginning of my storytelling tour in Wales, England and then Rome!) 

Peace to you, 

Pam Faro, Storyteller 
12242 Wolff Drive 
Broomfield, CO 80020 

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