ALEMANIA, P. Erik Riechers, Alban Rüttenauer and Isabel Meuser se unieron a "Historias para cambiar el mundo - Stories to Change the World", 21 Junio 2015

Dear Friends,

On Sunday we had a wonderful event to mark "Stories to Change the World."

"65 people gathered to listen to stories that change the world in Vallendar, Germany. Erik Riechers began with his own tale of "The Wily Path of the Story" and then told Oscar Wilde's story "The Star Child". 
Alban Rüttenauer, on the piano, and Isabel Meuser, on the violin, underscored the stories with pieces from Johannes Brahms, Cesar Franck, and Franz Schubert. Alban Rüttenauer had written a short story to each of the three pieces, so that the music's tale might also contribute to changing the world. We look forward to being part of the event again next year."


P. Erik Riechers SAC

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Siebenquell gehört zum Verein der Norddeutschen Pallottiner e.V.


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