SOUTH KOREA, Alicia Dongjoo participará en el V Encuentro Internacional de Historias para cambiar el mundo, 2015

Unfortunataely Alicia's performance at the beautiful second hand book store in central Seoul has been delayed due to the MERS virus.

So, instead, Alicia will perform the story in a beautiful story garden in her home and upload the video to Facebook for many children who are stuck at home due to virus.

The spread of the MERS virus is currently making people very scared in Korea, especially the children. She wants her stories to spread a bit of happiness and joy in childrens hearts. She will be tell  korean folktales called " A tiger and a dried persimmon" and " The Story Sprits." These stories give us wisdom and show us not to panic.

Wish Korea luck!!

Date : 21st June 2015 (Sunday)
Time: 11 am
Venue: The Story Garden of  Royal Palace Apartment.

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