TAILANDIA - FILIPINAS Storyteller Pet participa en el 6º Festival Internacional "Historias para cambiar el mundo", 21 Junio 2016

On June 21, 2016,Tuesday , storytellers across the world: Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Cuba, EE.UU, El Salvador, Scotland, Spain, France, Germany, Hong Kong, South Korea, Mexico, Mozambique, Panama, Peru, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Venezuela, United States will celebrate the 6th International Festival "Stories to Change the World" through International Storytelling Network (RIC) in a simultaneous storytelling activities around the world!

Storyteller Pet  / Philippines will participate through the Storybook Project. Please catch me at SANTI CHAI PRAKAN PAVILION AND PUBLIC PARK, Phra Athit Road, Khet Phra Nakhon, Bangkok at exactly 7:00 PM. This year we want to pay special tribute to all immigrants fleeing from hunger and war.
The event is FREE and open for all ages. See you there!

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